8 April - 7 June 2019

All lectures and tutorials are planned on Tuesdays


This module provides both a basic introduction into ethical aspects of healthcare research as a deepening of some specific ethical issues in conducting health care research.

Course coordinator

Dorothee Horstkötter, PhD, Department of Health, Ethics and Society / Metamedica
T +31 (0)43-3881050


Full module: 6.0


Full module: regular master’s fee or €1752 (non-master student)


RHS4023 - Ethics of Health Care Research

Basic questions which will be dealt with are:
What is the historical background of the development of research ethics?
Which ethical problems are related to health research as compared to health care?
How can researchers deal with these problems?
How can researchers identify and deal with potential tensions between ethical requirements and methodological restraints? 
Which is the role of the Research Ethics Committee (REC)?
Specific ethical issues in healthcare research which will be explored are a.o.:
What is the value of informed consent and what are possible exceptions?
When and why is it justified to use deception in research?
What about involving vulnerable people – children, mentally handicapped, prisoners, etc. – into healthcare research?
What ethical issues are raised by biobanks?
What does research integrity require from health researchers?
In a training session the writing of a participant information leaflet will be trained, because this a key-document to enhance or safeguard informed consent by potential research participants.