The health care chain stretches from prevention of illness, diagnosis and care, to cure and maintenance of good health. And with ever-closing integration in the EU, it is starting to cross national borders as well. To implement evidence-based medical and public health practices we need to study the efficacy and cost effectiveness of interventions. The opportunities and need for research within this new healthcare dynamic are endless. This programme – the only one of its kind in the Netherlands – is educating a new generation of researchers at the cutting edge of health care innovation. Its goal: to train you to design, conduct and evaluate top quality, interdisciplinary research related to health sciences and health care.
The research master is a two-year master that provides ample time to deepen theoretical knowledge and at the same time gain the practical skills that top researchers require.  

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Marleen Jansen, Research Master in Health Sciences
"I like to keep my options open, which has led me to the Health Sciences Research Master. In research there are plenty of topics to be explored, so this master's degree is suitable for those who know what they want and also for those who are not sure. This is also reflected in the students undertaking the course, from people who have just finished their bachelor's degree to healthcare professionals. The master's thesis in this programme is the whole of the second year, so you have the time to explore something in more depth than most of your fellow master's students. The emphasis is on what you find interesting. My interest has always been in genetics, but I also like the economic side of health care. This is why I am now looking into subjects in both fields, and there is even an option for me to combine them! The great thing about this master's is that you will be an excellent 'problem solver' at the end of the course, especially with the active learning facilitated by the Problem-Based Learning system at Maastricht University. With these skills you will become a very good researcher, so a PhD is an option, but you can also go into the field of pharmaceuticals, government institutes and so on. You have the opportunity to distinguish yourself from the group and specialise in the topic you like!"