Master Epidemiology
1 year (MSc)

From molecular level, to patients, to entire populations and policy level: epidemiology is a cornerstone in analysing community and clinical health problems and designing interventions and prevention programmes.

Master Health Science Research
2 years (MSc)

This master might be the stepping stone to your professional research career. Research is the cornerstone of evidence-based practice in health sciences and healthcare. This programme offers four specializations: Clinical Epidemiology, Health Technology Assessment, Social Health Sciences and Global Health.

Short Courses

Most courses of the masters Epidemiology and Health Sciences Research are also open for PhD students and other health professionals wishing to maintain and improve their knowledge of public health. Courses in epidemiology and health technology assessment are open against attractive prices and can be followed either as a short course, or as a full masters module.

upcoming short courses

EPI4900 - Introduction to epidemiology

The course Introduction to epidemiology is the first module in the Master of Epidemiology and the Health Science Research Master (HRSM) and will take place within a 5-day period in which the participants will be acquainted with the basic principles of epidemiological research.

31 August - 4 September 2015



M. Quaak, MSc, the Netherlands

“At the Department of Primary Health Care many forms of smoking cessation therapy are tested to determine their efficacy in helping smokers to quit. However, recent research strongly suggests that a specific genetic background is associated with smoking addiction and...  MORE >



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